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The Conservative Order for Good Government provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues that affect the quality of life of San Diego. COGG is particularly interested in the views of elected officials and candidates for public office. The organization welcomes members of all political stripes and is non-partisan and non-sectarian, which membership is open to those 21 and older. For information about attending a luncheon meeting please telephone 858-385-0876 or VISIT WEBSITE
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The Continuing Education Center at Rancho Bernardo is a private, non-profit all-volunteer organization offering 90 lectures each year through its academic program. These lectures cover topics in history, biography, literature, philosophy and religion, current events, music, art, science and medicine, political science and law. Active and retired professors from local universities comprise the faculty. The CEC office and classrooms are located at the Remington Club II, 16916 Hierba Drive in Rancho Bernardo. For more information and a copy of our monthly Newsletter, please call the CEC office at 858-487-0464.
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The Ed Brown Center at Rancho Bernardo is a place for any adult but especially those 50 and over who want to keep both body and mind healthy and have fun at the same time. Located in the beautiful RB Community Park, it is truly one of RB’s treasures. New members are always welcome! For up-to-date information on classes, social activities and events, please call 858-487-9324 or VISIT WEBSITE
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The mission of the Friends of the Rancho Bernardo Library, a volunteer organization, is to enhance library services available in Rancho Bernardo by funding equipment, books, CD, and DVDs which the RB branch otherwise could not afford. The Friends support programs for all ages, including the Summer Reading Program. Funds are obtained through the sale of donated books in our Book Shop, located on the library’s first floor, and through periodic book sales. The Friends also present free monthly chamber music and jazz concerts, maintain a website and publish a newsletter. Shop hours are Sunday 1pm-4pm; Monday 10am-4pm; Tuesday 12noon-5:30pm; Wednesday 1pm-7pm; Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm. For information or to volunteer, call 858-485-0602.
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The Rancho Bernardo Hats Off To Volunteers event is conducted annually under the leadership of The Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation, a proud partner of The San Diego Foundation. The purpose of the annual Rancho Bernardo Hats Off to Volunteers event is to recognize the wonderful volunteers and volunteer organizations that make our community the special place it is.

In 2008, San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio, having seen amazing volunteerism during and after the 2007 Witch Creek Fire, suggested to each of the communities he served that they hold an annual event to honor their volunteers.

Rancho Bernardo volunteer Nick Anastasopoulos organized a committee to carry out this challenge for Rancho Bernardo. The committee chose a name for the event, a method for selecting the volunteers to be honored, and the format and particulars of the event. They then got to work carrying out those plans.

The first Rancho Bernardo Hats Off to Volunteers was held in April 2010. It was a great success. The event has been held annually ever since. It is held each year during National Volunteer Month.

For more information, email, call 619-764-8602 or visit
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Established in 1986, the Lake Hodges Bowls Club (aka LHBC) has two standard playing greens, one of which is the only lighted bowling green in San Diego County. (So we can play nighttime games – YIPPEE!) We offer affordable group outings for corporate team building and parties of all types. (And you can bring your own refreshments - including adult beverages - if you like!) If you’ve never played or seen lawn bowling before, check into getting a free lesson, visit our website for a brief synopsis of the sport, or come by and watch one of our social games to get a feel for what it’s all about. You’ll find that our members are friendly and always willing to tell you about the game. We welcome new members all year long!
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Rancho Bernardo Neighborhood Watch truly believes in ‘neighbors helping neighbors live safe and secure’ and focuses on crime prevention and emergency preparedness communication to accomplish this. Crime is a continual problem in San Diego but Neighborhood Watch can help. Neighborhood Watch depends upon neighbors getting to know each other, sharing important safety information and resources, reporting suspicious activities to the police, and communicating information on disaster preparedness. There are many opportunities to be a part of this dynamic Rancho Bernardo program. Call 858-538-8148 for more information or to get involved.
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The North San Diego Business Chamber is the third-largest chamber in San Diego County and represents member businesses in the San Diego North region. Incorporated in 2004, when the Diamond Gateway and Rancho Bernardo Chambers of Commerce consolidated. North San Diego Chamber ensures sustainable prosperity throughout the region. Through its programs, services and events, the chamber partners with businesses large and small, established and start-up, to create an environment for economic growth.

North San Diego is active in the many communities it serves representing business interests and seeking ways to support a quality of life that is enjoyed by residents, businesses and visitors alike. For more information on the North San Diego Business Chamber, or to learn how your business can begin to take advantage of its many benefits and program services, visit or call 858.487.1767.

10875 Rancho Bernardo Rd #104, San Diego, CA 92127
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The Rancho Bernardo Business Association - Mission Statement: To promote business in Rancho Bernardo by fostering relationships and mutual support. Revitalizing the business community of Rancho Bernardo began April 1, 2006 with the formation of the Rancho Bernardo Business Association. The Association was initially established by 35 local business and community leaders and today has nearly 300 members. The overall strategy of the Association is to encourage Rancho Bernardo residents to do business locally rather than going outside the community. 858-451-3406
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The Rancho Bernardo Community Council reviews issues that focus on the local community and works to provide informative and timely presentations on issues that affect Rancho Bernardans on a local and citywide basis. The Council’s standing committees include Maintenance Assessment District, Public Safety, Government Relations and Utilities, PR and Code Compliance. The Community Council meets the fourth Thursday of each month (except in November/December) at 6:30 p.m. at the RB Community Library. All meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend and become involved.
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Since 1988, the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation has been the financial center of charitable assistance to the community. Funds established for RSVP, RB Historical Society, Spirit of the Fourth, the RB Planning Board, Scholar­ship Funds, the Veterans’ Memorial, Emergency Preparedness and several other community groups are placed with the Foundation, either for operating funds or as endowments. All donations to the Foundation Endow­ment Fund of $1,000 or more are recognized with granite plaques placed in the “Pathway of Pride” in Webb Park. All expenditures from the Foundation must benefit the RB community directly, and all donations to the Rancho Bernardo Com­munity Foundation are tax deductible. Jeff Shea, President, P.O. Box 270744, San Diego, CA 92198.
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The Rancho Bernardo Community Planning Board is an advisory organization which is indemnified and officially recognized by the City of San Diego to provide recommendations to the San Diego City Council, San Diego Planning Commission, City staff, and other governmental agencies relating to land-use matters affecting the RB community. The Planning Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at RB Swim & Tennis Club, 16955 Bernardo Oaks Drive. All meetings, including those of the committees, are open to the public, and community participation is desired. Mailing address is: PO Box 270831, San Diego, CA 92198.
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The purpose of the Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame is to promote community service by recognizing outstanding volunteer leaders who have made a significant contribution to the development and quality of life in Rancho Bernardo. The first honorees were named in 1974. Each year since then, an average of two to three new members have been added, selected from individuals nominated by the community at large. Two large plaques, listing the members of the Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame by year of election, are permanently displayed in the large meeting room of the Rancho Bernardo Library.
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The Early Years The Rancho Bernardo Historical Society (RBHS), founded in 1982, and Membership has grown steadily. In 2005, the Historical Society opened its first museum at the Bernardo Winery. It expanded into a larger facility there, and now into an even bigger one!
The Mission of RBHS is to collect, document, and preserve items that represent the history of RB. Its collection consists of thousands of documents and individual items of interest, including maps, telephone books, photographs, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and many other unique artifacts. Special packaging is required to preserve these treasures, like the Symphony on the Green, and Avco Builders collections. None of it would be possible without the sponsorship of the generous people of Ranch Bernardo.
Each October, RBHS holds a General Membership Meeting. Our free monthly Speakers Series provides guest speakers who present topics related to thousands of years of RB history, and the SD area. Research information about RB is provided to students, businesses, teachers, philanthropic, and service groups. Our Coyote Tales is an outreach program to local schools. The museum conducts Oral History interviews with long-time local residents. One was conducted at the former Daley Ranch House, with Donald and Mrs. Daley, Bob Williams, and the extended Rizzo Family, owners of the Bernardo Winery. They were filmed and recorded discussing the ‘old days’ including that fateful November in 1962 when ranch land became RB’s Master Planned Community. The rest is truly history!
Interested in becoming a member, or a volunteer at the Museum, or one of our events? Please call the Museum 858-775-5788.
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The Rancho Bernardo Recreation Council is a non-profit corporation chartered by the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Board. The Recreation Council plans, promotes, publicizes and provides park and recreation services and opportunities within the 40 acres of the Rancho Bernardo Community Park, which includes the off leash dog park. The Council advises and assists other organizations such as the Rancho Bernardo Tennis Club, the Lake Hodges Bowls Green Club and the Ed Brown Center, all of which are located in the Community Park. For more information, call 858-538-8129.
For off leash dog park information, VISIT WEBSITE
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Rancho Bernardo Senior Services is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization providing services and resources to seniors. For over 30 years this non-profit organization has been providing these services thanks to the generosity of the individuals and organizations in the community who donate annually to their upkeep. The office is located at 16769 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite K-14 in The Plaza. Hours Monday-Friday 9 am - 3 pm - phone 858-487-2640.
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The Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial recognizes the veterans of all our wars including those now serving on active duty. The Memorial, in Webb Park, dedicated July Fourth, 1994, ­provides a central site for ceremonies at which the community can recognize and memorialize all those who have served this country with honor.
The present site contains a central monument, nine benches and more than 75 plaques that are inscribed with the names of personnel of all the military services. Just a tour of the site represents a step back in history, a permanent source of knowledge and inspiration for future generations.
The original idea for a veterans memorial began about the time of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. By early 1993, there was considerable discussion among members of Major Abraham J. Baum Post 7766 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars about the need for a Memorial. A petition drive during the 1993 Fourth of July activities in Webb Park indicated overwhelming support of the community. The General J.P. Holland Chapter of The Military Order of the World Wars MOWW then became involved with Post 7766 of the VFW in a joint effort to raise funds through the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation to construct the Memorial.
Since that time, development and maintenance of the Memorial and ceremonies at the site have been the responsibility of the VFW and MOWW, which established the Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association in 1996 to perform these functions. Ceremonies are normally conducted on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day and other special occasions.
For additional information, contact Mike Vaughn, President of the Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association, at 858-674-4238.
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Since 1992 Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) has been providing the RB community with services that make the lives of residents safer and more secure. Bob Smith began the first RSVP program here in RB and it quickly spread to all of San Diego. The program may be the most successful volunteer program in the U.S. and they routinely receive inquiries from other counties, states and countries asking for advice on starting a volunteer program.
The RSVP vacation house check program has signed up more than 20,000 homes and checked these 180,800 times. While you are away, trained personnel will check your home six days a week. There is a three-day minimum and 45 day maximum. Stop by the police storefront at 17110 Bernardo Center Drive, upstairs in the library, and complete a form a few days before you leave. You must have one local emergency contact with a key to your house. There is no charge for any RSVP service.
Call or stop by the storefront to ask about the “You Are Not Alone” (Y.A.N.A.) program which visits elderly or folks with no family nearby. If you have a family member or loved one who would benefit from scheduled visits of this kind, we can provide this service. We have made 56,620 YANA visits since 1992.
RSVP also patrols banks and the elementary schools. The sight of their marked cars is definitely a crime deterrent. RSVP doesn’t see the bad guys, but the bad guys see them. The RSVP speed monitors refer SDPD officers to areas of excess speed and the sight of their marked cars reminds citizens to slow down. The storefront office also handles fix-it tickets at no charge for non-moving vehicle citations such as drivers licenses, registration, license plates, lights and tinted windows. Burned out street lights may be reported with location information, curb address nearest to light pole. Report abandoned vehicles with location, make, type, color and license plate number.
If you are looking for a volunteer activity that is an excellent way to thank a marvelous place to live, have had your 50th birthday, have a valid California driver’s license and can give RSVP three days a month, call 858-538-8146 and discuss the program with the office staff. Their oldest member is 89 years old and their youngest is 61. Rancho Bernardo members have volunteered more than 383,000 hours.
RSVP is completely funded by the generosity of the citizens, business, service clubs and similar organizations. All contributions are tax deductible. The RSVP office is located on the 2nd floor of the Rancho Bernardo LIbrary and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00-11:30am and 1:00-3:30pm.
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Seniors Helping Our Kids (SHOK) consists of over 200 local seniors who volunteer in the public schools. Founded in 1992, the program applies the experience, talents, and caring attitude of seniors to the needs of children in our school district. Most volunteers are OASIS intergenerational tutors, working one-on-one with first to third graders to increase love of reading. The rest tutor students in other subjects, work in school libraries, help in classrooms, or help out as needed by the schools. For information, call Jane Radatz at 858-485-5449 or email her at
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Soroptimist International Rancho Bernardo
The Soroptimist mission is to improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and around the world. Soroptimist clubs in 19 countries assist women in overcoming personal difficulties and bettering their lives through education and skills training. SIRB’s main focus is to support and sustain our Transitional Housing program for victims of domestic violence. SIRB is one of eight local Soroptimist clubs that started STAT - Soroptimist Together Against Trafficking, to bring awareness to San Diego County about the issue of human trafficking.
Our organization meets for lunch at noon the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of each month at Bernardo’s Restaurant on the corner of Rancho Bernardo Road and Pomerado Road.
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Spirit of the Fourth
MISSION STATEMENT: “To provide Rancho Bernardo and surrounding communities patriotic, historical, and educational activities which commemorate the declaration of our nation’s independence; to foster true patriotism and appreciation of our American heritage; and to demonstrate openly the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.” If you would like to volunteer to help stage the event or would like to support the event with a donation call 858-335-7906.

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